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Featured Photo of the Month

Featured Ontario Highway Photo of the Month:

An Ontario Provincial Police motorcycle patrol officer monitoring highway traffic in 1949 - Location unknown

Photo courtesy of Ontario Provincial Police & Ministry of Transportation  -  © King's Printer for Ontario, 1949

Hwy 2 Sign Photo 1930
"And you may ask yourself:
Where does that highway go to?

Once in a Lifetime - Talking Heads (1980)

Photo at Left:

Early King's Highway 2 Sign

Photograph taken in August 1930
Photographer and exact location unknown


Where does that highway go to? I have asked myself that question many times before, and I'm certain that if you are reading this page, that you have asked this question too. On this website, you will find out where that highway goes to, and more importantly, where it came from. This website is dedicated to the history of Ontario's King's Highways. Ontario has always relied heavily on its roads for development. From the earliest military and pioneer roads to today's modern freeways, these critical transportation links have proven to be the key to developing the economic powerhouse that is today's Ontario. This website looks primarily at the advancements and development of the Ontario provincial highway network since the very first provincial highway (Hwy 2) was established in 1917.

Most pages on this website are now complete, but there are still several pages under construction. If the specific page that you are looking for is unavailable at the moment, please check back soon. New pages are being added weekly. This historical Ontario roads website will include a brief history of each King's Highway by route number, and will eventually include route maps of former Ontario highway routings since the 1920s. There will also be a photo gallery of old Kings Highway signs, mileage charts, route descriptions, and lots of vintage Ontario road photographs from MTO/Ontario Archives. If you have any older (pre-1990) photographs of Ontario highways or Ontario highway signs, please email me with the details. Enjoy your trip into the past on the Kings Highways of Ontario!

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January 1, 1998: The Day Ontario's Highway Network Died

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